Since 1994, we have provided specialized electrical engineering and consulting in the local and regional market. We support owners, architects, contractors, end-users, and other engineers with sustainable electrical engineering solutions. This is what we do.



  • We have 32 team members.
  • We work on billion dollar projects.
  • We help our clients and owners optimize their electrical systems.
  • We implement sustainable design as an investment.
  • We capitalize on design savings by quality deliverables that reduce field change orders.
  • We specialize in most major market sectors, shown on our site.


Envision's mission has changed over the years. Early on we strived for growth; now we want to solve problems and be excellent at doing it. Profitability is subservient to client satisfaction and loyalty. We work within established budgets and deliver strong design. Whether large or small, we're happy to own the process and do everything in our power toward desired goals and successful completion.



Jeff Owen, PE, LC, LEED AP





Dave Whitton, PE, LC, LEED AP





Kit Farley
Associate Principal

We’re closing in on 25 years of service. We’re the best we’ve ever been, but it’s largely because of our strongest group of PMs on the front line. We solve problems, on both large and small projects.
— Jeff Owen, Principal, President


Scott Hardy, PE, RCDD, LEED AP

Senior Project Manager, Telecommunications
(ICT Specialist)

David Tibbitts

Senior Lighting Designer

Alex Ecton, BSEE

Project Manager

JiLu Feng, PE, PhD, CTS-D

Senior AV Designer


Trevor Spencer, PE, LEED AP

Senior Project Manager
Medium Voltage Specialist

Scott Kingery, NICET II

Project Manager, Low Voltage Systems

Mike Cartwright

Project Manager

Gabe Kramer, M.Ed.
Business Development / Marketing

Aleksandar Rankovic, PE, LEED Green Assoc.,

Senior Project Manager

Wes Albrecht, PE
Project Manager

Phil Borup, BSEE

Project Manager

Jedi Master, Star Wars Event Advisor

We began as Owen & Associates (1994), and then became Envision (2006). Now we seek excellence over perfection and quality over quantity. This is why we repeat business.


How do we do what we do?
We solve problems.

  • Nearly 25 years of firm expertise in education, commercial, industrial, airports, public, healthcare, religious, and military markets.
  • Full in-house engineering capabilities to design A/V, acoustics, telecom, lighting, medium voltage, security, power, and more.
  • Award-winning projects every year with our talented local architects and GCs.
  • Strong project management team with a team-first firm culture (we help each other and solve problems together). 
  • Refined quality control approach promoting successful project delivery.
  • High levels of service throughout the project. Even if our budget is blown, we're still in it till the end.
  • Large project execution and management capabilities. (SLCIA TRP, Downtown City Creek Infrastructure)
  • Large project experience working with multiple stakeholders and other engineering consultants.
  • First K-12 Zero-Energy public school designs in Utah (5 with Davis School District).
  • 21st Century State-of-the-art K-12 experience (Granite School District Cyprus & Skyline Rebuilds)
  • Successful LEED and Zero-Energy project history.
  • On-staff LCs, RCDD, PEs, NICET, and PhD licensed personnel with heavy project principal involvement.
  • Open, transparent communication. We'll admit when we mess up.
  • Licensed in 19 states.

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